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With her strong faith and resolve to assist parents with their parenting woes or concerns, Felichi Pangilinan-Buizon and her husband, dentist and photographer Dr. Jojo Buizon, serve as facilitators, counselors, and retreat speakers in their ministry at the Christ Commission Fellowship. Such a small start eventually became a formidable effort that went beyond the church and reached new families, helping parents realize the best parenting styles that fit their individual children.

Their approach is simple. Preferring to be called parents-in-progress, they acknowledge that they don’t know everything or are far from perfect, but are willing to share their learnings from their own units and other family members, as they go through the same ordeals and support their members with genuine love and concern. Their hands-on experiences give them the knowledge they need and are adamant about sharing that with others.

Blessed with the talent, experience and charisma that a true leader should possess, Felichi has spread her wings and soared to greater heights with her advocacy, creating a career for writing, music, TV, and training.

Her hosting stint as the co-host of CBN Asia’s “The 700 Club”   has made her a familiar face since 2005. As a writer, her voice has been deftly used to write publications that are related to or support her advocacy. They include her column for CBN Asia and the Philippine Canadian Inquirer, and the book that she co-wrote entitled “I Love You, Yaya Handbook.” She has  written some articles for Smart Parenting and Good Housekeeping. Singing is also one of her gifts and she used this to her advantage in 2014 to write and sing CBN Asia’s “Lifesongs Inspirational Album.” This was after her 1991 Awit Award for Best Religious Recording for the album “Source of Joy.”

With all these achievements, Felichi never lost track of her passion and has been a homeschooling parent since 1996.  She became a certified teacher of the US Curriculum “Sing, Spell, Read, and Write Program.” Other content and training related projects include being a consultant speaker for The Parenting Company and being the speaker for several topics that cater to marriage and family building, parent issues, children’s issues, self-issues, couple issues, and related issues like house help issues and women’s issues.

As a resource person for her chosen passions and advocacies, Felichi uncannily remains on top of her game as she continues to strive for more opportunities that shall allow her to spread her fire to as many families and individuals as possible.


700 Club Asia | Co-host & Column Writer
Pangilinan Group of Co.
Business Works
Enchanted Kingdom | Story Teller
The Parenting Company, Inc. | Consultant
Smart Parenting Magazine | Contributing Writer
Working Mom Magazine | Contributing Writer

Resource Speaker

Beauty Inside and Out, Inner Beauty
- Real Grace Fellowship, July 2014
- Greenhills Christian Fellowship, 2013
B.R.I.D.G.E. Steps To Win Your Child’s Heart
- Living Angels Christian Academy, 2013
Celebrate Christ, Celebrate Friendship
- Pateros, 2012
Testimony As A Couple
- Pampanga, November 2012
Energize Your Parenting
- OB Montessori, 2011
Nourishing Your Marriage
- Pastors Fellowship, February 2011
Bridging The Gap Between You and Your Child
- Mommy Academy, 2008
- St. Scholastica, 2007
How Not To Parent
- Camp Crame, March 2009
Parenting Convention
Word Wise: Parent Talk That Inspires, 2004-2008
Creating A Stimulating Environment For Your Child
- Yaya Seminar Series, 2002-2007
- Parenting Convention, October 2003


Source of Joy | Ivory Records, 1991
Lifesongs | CBN Asia Inspirational Album, 2014


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